Bus Schedule



New Bus Schedule and Stops for 2019-20


Bus Transportation 2019-2020

 We have a significant change with bus transportation, as we have lost our Kmart Shopping Center bus stop. We have relocated the stop to the area behind the older Regal Edwards Theater, which is located at 1521 South Bradley Road near Red Lobster restaurant. Our Transportation Department is familiar with this area and it is in close proximity to an on ramp to Highway 101. Bus stop times can be found in the new bus schedule below.

New Bus Schedule

 Following is the OAK-8 bus schedule for the start of the 2019-2020 school year. Parents of Transitional Kindergarten and kindergarten students are requested to let Mrs. Cole know which bus/bus stop their children will be using in the afternoon; that way, Mrs. Cole can make sure the students get on the correct bus. Our complete schedule follows:


7:40 - Pine Grove School (front of school on Bradley Road) 

8:05 - Lakeview Junior High School Gym (in front of gym doors) 

8:10 - Behind older Regal Edwards Theater, 1521 South Bradley Road (off Hancock and Shepard streets)

8:30 - OAK-8 (on Helena Street in Los Alamos)   


Afternoon (3:00 Dismissal - Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays) 

3:00 - OAK-8 (on Helena Street in Los Alamos) 

3:30 - Behind older Regal Edwards Theater 

3:30 - Pine Grove School (in parking lot) 

 Afternoon (2:00 Dismissal - Wednesdays)

2:00 - OAK-8 (on Helena Street in Los Alamos) 

2:30 - Behind older Regal Edwards Theater 

2:30 - Pine Grove School (in parking lot) 

Afternoon (1:30 Dismissal - First Day of School, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Last Day of School)

1:30 - OAK-8 (on Helena Street in Los Alamos) 

2:00 - Behind older Regal Edwards Theater 

2:00 - Pine Grove School (in parking lot)



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