Bus Schedule



7:30 - The Hitching Post, Casmalia (Point Sal Road)

7:45 - Pine Grove School (Bradley Road, adjacent to cafeteria)

8:00 - Alice Shaw School (parking lot)

8:10 - Maramonte Park

(From Maramonte Park, bus takes Highway 101 to Los Alamos)

8:35 - Olga Reed School (Helena Street)

Here's our afternoon bus schedule on regular school days:

3:05 - Olga Reed School (Helena Street)

(From Olga Reed, bus takes Highway 101 to Santa Maria)

3:25 - Maramonte Park

3:35 - Alice Shaw School (parking lot)

3:45 - Orcutt Academy High School (Pinal Street, near preschool)

Here's our afternoon bus schedule on early release days (such as the first day of school):

1:45 - Olga Reed School (Helena Street)
(From Olga Reed, bus takes Highway 101 to Santa Maria)
2:05 - Maramonte Park
2:15 - Alice Shaw School (parking lot)
2:25 - Orcutt Academy High School (Pinal Street, near preschool)

In addition, there are a couple of notes:

In the morning, our bus will transport Casmalia resident students to Pine Grove (their assigned school). OAK-8 students who live in Casmalia would have the ability to ride this bus and stay aboard all the way to Los Alamos if they wish. In the afternoon, however, no transportation back to Casmalia would be available.

 In the morning, OAK-8 families could use the Pine Grove School morning bus stop. This would be an option ... but parents need to know that 7:45 is a busy time in front of Pine Grove. In the afternoon, OAK-8 parents could use the stop at Orcutt Academy High School.

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